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No site about Tijuana Bibles would be complete without a proper selection of comic scans. Besides reproducing some of the most notable examples, we've also tried to include works by the most important contributers to the genre.

Andy Gump Andy gets away from the wife for a little erotic fun by Mr.Prolific from the mid 1930's!
Blondie Blondie and Dagwood make a baby!
Blondie in "When Hubby's Away" Blondie gets her pipes fixed !
Bathless Groggins Bathless saves an innocent lass!
Boots in "Too Good" Boots wastes her time on a yokel!
She Will Be Coming Around the Mountain A little hillbilly lust from Mr. Prolific!
Dagwood in A Days Work Nothings worse than a hard day at the office!
Donald Duck Has A Universal Desire When you're really horney any hole will do by Blackjack!
Dick Tracy Tracy's "Official Business" is interrupted by Tess!
Dixie Dugan in the Salesman A door to door salesman closes with Dixie!
Etta Kett In Endorsed Etta gets caught on the couch!
Flash Gordon On A Lark Flash and Zarkov get a little feathered tail in the floating city!
Gert Gabbo A Gretta Garbo parody by Mr. Prolific!
Hans and Fritz Meet A Hootchie Cootchie The Katzenjammer Kids find their true calling!
He Didn't Speak French A gentleman is always polite! by Wesley Morse.
Jamie's Dance Redheaded Jamie 3D Supermodel.
Joan Calls For Durante Jimmy's schnoz is called into action to please Joan Crawford!
Joe Palooka Joe's wet dream is rudely interrupted!
Joe Palooka in "The Losing Fight" Joe can't win every battle!
J.W.Wimpy in You Bring the Ducks Nothing arouses Wimpy more than a good meal!
The Real Silk Hosiery Salesman The way to a girls heart is through her hosiery!
Room Service Wesley Morse defines good service in this Tijuana Bible!
She Saw the World's Fair A tour of the World of tomorrow!
Smash 1980's Parody of Mash featuring Hot Lips Hooligan!
Smokey Stover Smokey learns how to put out a woman's fire!
Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs Introducing the Characters in the first of Blackjack's Classsic Series
Toots and Casper Go to the Circus Toots and Casper get off on voyuerisim!

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